Thursday, March 25, 2010

50 Iraqi Dinars vs. 4 American Cents.

50.00 Canadian dollars equals $48.87 in American dollars.
50.00 Mexican Pesos equals $3.98 in American dollars.
50.00 Indian Rupees equals $1.10 in American dollars.
50.00 Japanese Yen equals $0.54 in American dollars.

After campaigning with Matthew Avitabile last week, I received a gift of 50 Iraqi Dinars for six to nine hours of hard campaigning. Being a coin collector, I was pleased with the gift, but I didn't need it, I volunteered too help Matt in his re-election bid, even if I had three to four blisters at the end of the day. However, I accepted the gift, as did the rest of the campaign committee, a gracious boss' we had in Matt.

Well, I decided to research the value of 50 Iraqi Dinars, and guess what? I have the American equivalent of four whole cents. Not that I'm complaining, but it appears our friend Matt is a man who believes in long, long, long, long term investments.

50.00 Iraqi Dinars equals $0.04 in American dollars.

If I ever need to visit Iraq............I'm a rich man, and monies will never be a problem, all I will need is 4 cents for 50 Dinars. Seriously Matt, I offer a personal thanks for giving me this gift, I appreciate it, and I learned something that I never knew before - America has a weak dollar, but we're still doing better than Canada!

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Editor said...

Dinars are the future.

Plus in 1990 50 Iraqi Dinars would be worth $160

Government Mess said...

When a Canadian Dollar is worth more than the U.S. dollar there is trouble. Excellent piece, keep up the great work and the fight against the Libs. Have a great Friday and have a wonderful weekend.

Editor said...

Could be. I guess we'll see. As I will be writing more about foreign currencies in the months to come. Our dollar is falling, folks need to know what is safe, until good times return.