Sunday, March 28, 2010

Obama "Bounce" Gone

Some disconcerting news if you're on the Obama side of the health care debate. Apparently the modest approval increase that the President enjoyed after the passage of the reform bill has dissipated and could spell worse news for the President.

The spike in President Obama's Gallup approval ratings seems to have disappeared. As health care reform moved toward its denouement, the President's approval briefly moved upward, from an upside-down 46%-48% in the March 15-17 sample, to a 50%-43% rating on the eve of the vote. It went as high as 51%-43% during the previous week. In today's report, however, the President splits 46%-46% in the poll of adults, tying the lowest approval rating of his Administration.
Maybe this will wind up being a losing issue, after all.

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