Thursday, March 25, 2010

Senators who voted against Reconciliation.

43 Senators voted against the Obamacare Reconciliation package this afternoon, 40 of which are Republicans, while 3 Democrat Senators joined the lone bipartisan coalition; the coalition that opposes Obamacare. Senator Isakson was not present during the vote, but he would've opposed if he was present. Here are the 43 brave Senators who voted against Reconciliation:

Senator Alexander (Tennessee).
Senator Barrasso (Wyoming).
Senator Bennett (Utah).
Senator Bond (Missouri).
Senator Brown (Massachusetts).
Senator Brownback (Kansas).
Senator Bunning (Kentucky).
Senator Burr (North Carolina).
Senator Chambliss (Georgia).
Senator Coburn (Oklahoma).
Senator Cochran (Mississippi).
Senator Collins (Maine).
Senator Corker (Tennessee).
Senator Cornyn (Texas).
Senator Crapo (Idaho).
Senator DeMint (South Carolina).
Senator Ensign (Nevada).
Senator Enzi (Wyoming).
Senator Graham (South Carolina).
Senator Grassley (Iowa).
Senator Gregg (New Hampshire).
Senator Hatch (Utah).
Senator Hutchison (Texas).
Senator Inhofe (Oklahoma).
Senator Johanns (Nebraska).
Senator Kyl (Arizona).
Senator LeMieux (Florida).
Senator Lincoln (Arkansas).
Senator Lugar (Indiana).
Senator McCain (Arizona).
Senator McConnell (Kentucky).
Senator Murkowski (Alaska).
Senator Nelson (Nebraska).
Senator Pryor (Arkansas).
Senator Risch (Idaho).
Senator Roberts (Kansas).
Senator Sessions (Alabama).
Senator Shelby (Alabama).
Senator Snowe (Maine).
Senator Thune (South Dakota).
Senator Vitter (Louisiana).
Senator Voinovich (Ohio).
Senator Wicker (Mississippi).

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1 comment:

Gene said...

I see that Senator Bayh is not on this list. That should remove all doubts concerning why he is quitting. Hey Evan; Senator, Governor, moderate- but kiss one boy and that's all you'll be remembered by. Drink heavily, it may help get the taste out of your mouth.