Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sarah Palin will not run for President.

I guarantee Sarah Palin will not run for President in 2012. Seriously, I don't see an electoral path for Sarah Palin to succeed as the Republican nominee, or for Sarah Palin to receive the Grand Old Party nomination during the Presidential primaries. Call me a pseudo-Conservative, but a potential candidate needs to be acting like a potential candidate, not like the female Conservative version of Geraldo.

Potential Republican candidates make a few appearances on Cable Television and Talk Radio and those same potential candidates attend Republican fundraisers, publish political essays or drink red wine with close friends and associates. Sarah Palin has joined a news network, is hosting two different shows on two different networks, and her concerns are with attending each Tea Party rally, instead of discussing an electoral game plan.

Potential candidates follow the Romney game plan: Publish a book based on the issues, appear on television as a "wanted guest" who is not often heard from, and pound the pavement on a specific issue or issues. There's a reason I will guarantee the former Massachusetts Governor will run for President, and why the former Alaska Governor will not - One wants it, the other doesn't.

With all that has been said, what is next for Sarah Palin, and can she run for President? Yes, she can run for President, but after she wins elected office as either a Congresswoman or as a Senator. The reason being; she has not served as Governor for 8 months, she is becoming a house hold name for targets and documentaries, instead of her actions as the former Governor of Alaska, and that is something that has to change, for the sake of her political future.

As for her undetermined future, I expect the Governor to continue attending Tea Party rallies, to continue appearing on television as a commentator, and soon to be host, and to continue as the Sarah Palin we all know and adore: To be the Conservative Woman who will not put up with shit.

What say you?

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RightKlik said...

You're right. But she'll keep the suspense going as long as possible.

Experimental said...

you are apsalutuly right.president is very important person in our country.

Reaganite Independent said...

IMHO she's in a unique situation- where the whole US government, most of the MSM, and all of Hollywood are engaging in UNPRECEDENTED character assassination- nobody's ever had to counter such thing, not like this- not even W.

She in-fact needs a much higher-profile way to introduce herself than a TEA Party speech once a month and a few clever tweets. TV is about the only way to do it, really... even the net doesn't fully have the reach to talk to everyone she needs to counterbalance the Left's BS narrative. If she wasn't on TV or a Rush-sized radio audience... she will be drowned-out and rolled-over by the relentless propaganda campaign directed against her, she needs to really get out there, so people can see for themselves she's no idiot, monster, or whatever... and that's what she's doing.

I'd say she does the documentary and Fox appearances to show and tell what she's all about... a lot of idiots only know what Tina Fey and John Stewart tell them, as you know.

Maybe she won't run, I dunno- but she's the most talented and charismatic politician in the GOP today... I think she knows what she's doing, for the most part .