Wednesday, March 31, 2010

U.S. Senate Candidate Gwyndolyn McClellan (R, FL): "The United States of America... is one of the most Corrupt and Valueless Countries that Exist"

I have recently been interviewing Republican Senatorial candidates throughout this nation; regardless of how small or how low their chances, I believe this is important because in our nation, anyone can do anything. I also tried to interview Republican Gwyndolyn McClellan, who is running in Florida. While Ms. McClellan was very kind in her emails, she did not want to participate in an interview. Then she wrote me why.

Here now, in its entirety, is Gwyndolyn McClellan's opinion of the United States and our system of government:

"This race, along with every political race in this country, has already been set up: this race is set up for either Charlie Christ or Marco Rubio to win. This country runs around the world advocating to other countries that they should conform their ways and adopt a democratic nation. And yet the United States of America, as a democractic society, is one of the most corrupt and valueless countries that exist. If you can show me one political race that was not set up by the "so-called preceived leaders of this country," then I will apologize to everyone for what I have said. And if minorities do have a chance to win a senate seat, they had better move to Illinois.

Of course, Florida does have minority representation in the congress and at the state level. These are minorities that are cherry-picked by the "so-called perceived leaders" of this country because they are certain that none of them will stand up and rock the boat. Please don't get me wrong: I certainly understand and am sympathetic to minorities. I know that they want to hold offices and I empathize with them in recognizing that they have to do exactly what they are told to do or they will not get ahead in life. So, I can understand why they conduct themselves in the manner that they do.

But it does anger me when I read in the paper (the few times that I bother to read it) that Condelessa Rice says that she learned in Washington to always say positive things and not be critical. Well, I guess Condelessa Rice does not ever plan to run for a political office. I think that what Condelessa Rice should have said was that it depends on what position you are holding that will determine whether or not you can speak your true feelings. It makes me angry when I hear Condelessa Rice saying that she didn't need affirmative action to get her job. No, on one hand she is right: she didn't need affirmative action because she has exceptional skills and she is a very intelligent person and should be able to use those qualities to get a job. But on the other hand Condelessa Rice was wrong because she lives in the United States of America and the only way that she even got to the position that she was in was through affirmative action: There were not enough honest people living in this country who would recognize Condelessa for what she really had to offer in a job except by the force of the affirmative action system. I know that I am picking on Condi right now, so Condi please forgive m,e but I want to use you as an example of what I am talking about when it comes to minorites having to do just exactly what they are told to do or they want be able to get key jobs like Condelessa had. Condelessa Rice worked for Bush and still does. Condelessa Rice did not work for this country. But she had no choice. If she wanted to ever serve as the Secretary of State, she knew that she had better do exactly what the Bushes told her to do. It saddens me that this is the twenty-first century and forty-years after this country lost thousands of lives fighting for the rights for minorities to have equal rights and yet, for minorities, those equal rights still don't exist.

I look around me and see multiple numbers of women in political offices, hosting television shows, and holding key level executive management positions. And yet, when you turn on the television set, you will see a few minorities holding down secondary positions. I am always asking myself, "Was the sixties just about women getting all the positions?" I don't remember all these women marching in the street and fighting. But I do recall them jumping on the band wagon, after the fighting was over and saying that they were minorities too. But they didn't want to be classified as a minority (that was beneath them). Instead, they wanted to have ... they insisted that they have their own special little slot ... just for women. O.K. But I have never heard any women's organization stand up and say that we should be trying to get more minority women in key level offices. Just as the "so-called perceived leaders" of this country, the women leaders cherry pick their minorities.

I believe that Blacks are worse off than any other minority group. It is a well-known fact that the majority population looks at the Hispanic population in a much fairer way than they do Blacks. After all, speaking spanish shows how intelligent you are. In the United States Senate, you have many women and you have Hispanics. How many Blacks do you have? You have had a total of six Blacks to serve in the United States Senate, and shamefully, the senators fought to keep Senator Roland Burris out. It was the governor of Illinois that commited the crime: not Senator Roland Burris.

Three of the Blacks who have served in the United States Senate came out of Illinois, and the other three Blacks who have served, served during "racially-tensed" periods in this country. "There have been 38 women in the United States Senate since the establishment of that body in 1789. Women were first elected in number in 1992. Today, 17 of the 100 U.S. Senators are women. Thirteen of the women who have served were appointed; seven of those were appointed to succeed their deceased husbands.Representation of Hispanics is somewhat complex, particularly because of the different ways to define membership in this group. Hispanics represent over 14% of the U.S. population, while the Senate is 3% Hispanic and the House is approximately 5% (25 members) Hispanic. Considering that Hispanics make up only 4% of American voters, Hispanic political incorporation has been relatively high compared with previous immigrant groups." (Wikipedia Encyclopedia).

Some of you will call me a racist. That is fine with me, but God knows and I know that I am not a racist. But I am a minority who will speak out, who will stand up and say that this is wrong, and who will not become a puppet on a string for anybody except for God above. If ever a Black was to win the senate race in Florida, it would never be me ... I cannot be controlled except by God.
I lie in my bed at night and during the day my heart is heavy-ridden and saddened because I worry about the the youth of today and tomorrow ... the future of our youth ... especially the minority youth. I worry about what is happening to minorities, right now, who cannot find jobs. I wonder about all the minority kids that are being beat up by the police department just because they can get away with it (and don't lie to me and tell me that this is not true because it is happening). What is going to happen to these kids when there is no justice, there is no fairness, there is no honesty, there are no morals that guide the "so-called leaders" of this country? Abraham Lincoln stated that this country will be destroyed from within and not from without. His words resonate truth in the twenty-first century.

That is all that I have to say. You can print this or throw it in the trash."

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What a kook!

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