Saturday, March 27, 2010

Leave Sarah Palin, and John McCain alone!

Tensions are still tense from the debacle that was John McCain's 2008 Presidential campaign as a Republican. Most members of the political blogosphere want McCain's political head on their so so list of expelled Republicans for one reason or another, and most Conservative members of the political blogosphere are pissed off at Governor Palin for her support of Senator McCain.

Some folks just need to grow up.

Senator McCain is a great American hero who we agree with over 80% of the time, enough for a certain Republican President in the Eighties, and good enough for a certain Republican Governor from Alaska. That's the way it is. When mainstream Conservatives and McCain are on the right side, our side is stronger than ever, but when we disagree, our greatest political asset becomes our fiercest opponent.

I don't expect nothing more or less from the Senator, and I wouldn't want that to change, even though I disagree with the Senator on a slew of political issues, that certain take no prisoners approach regardless of who I agree or disagree with, is what makes Senator McCain, well, Senator John McCain.

As for Governor Palin, if there wasn't a Senator John McCain who recognized her political talents and asked her to serve as his Vice Presidential candidate, than there would be no Governor Palin of Alaska rocking the Conservative news waves, she would still be Governor of Alaska, with a full political life ahead of her.

It shouldn't surprise or disgust Conservatives that Governor Palin has endorsed John McCain, or that all other potential Republican candidates for President have done likewise, because a vote of confidence from McCain during the Republican Primaries, will be worth millions upon millions of dollars.

Senator McCain is a American Patriot who doesn't deserve the harsh treatment he has received from supposed Conservatives over the past few months, and folks should leave Governor Palin alone, she is endorsing McCain with her conscience, her intelligence and with her feelings, and we should respect that.

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