Friday, March 26, 2010

Rule 5 Friday

While you're ogling Christie, check out these awesome links.

Government Mess had an article featuring a video of Eric Cantor speaking out against left-wing hypocrisy over 'threatening actions.'

RR had an article about the ObamaCare bill returning to the House-- with an interesting picture to boot:

The Powers that Be had an article about the skyrocketing costs of taxes thanks to ObamaCare:

The Life and Times had some interesting quotes:

The Pirate's Cove had an article on Obama's own feelings on ObamaCare:

UNRR had an article on weird Wicca:

Patriot Room has an article up about Paul Ryan:

Harrison Price has an article up on "Obama's America:"

The Lonely Conservative talks about the "$12,670,895,780,689.20 Elephant in the Room:"

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