Sunday, March 28, 2010

Congressional/Gubernatorial Interviews So Far on JiP

Doing some housecleaning here at JiP. We're planning a major surge in interviews of Congressional candidates, especially in light of the upcoming November elections. We've conducted a total of 64 interviews in our series, including former Bush speechwriter Troy Senik. So check them out.

1. Michael Faulkner, NY-15. 3/3/10.
2. Rocky Raczkowski, MI-9. 2/10/10.
3. Warren Redlich, NY Governor. 2/2/10.
4. Kevin Calvey, OK-5. 1/15/10.
5. Tim Graney, TX-14. (Ron Paul's opponent). 1/3/2010.
6. Edward Lynch, FL-19. 12/29/09.
7. Matthew Berry, VA-8. (Moran's opponent). 11/16/09.
8. Doug Hoffman, NY-23. 10/25/09.
9. Isaac Hayes, IL-2. (Jesse Jackson Jr.'s opponent) 10/10/09.
10. Paul Mitchell, IL-62 (State Senate) 7/13/09.

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