Monday, March 22, 2010

Republicans who voted for Obamacare.

Opinionists, Pundits, Bloggers, Talk Show Hosts and Individuals have been discussing the 219 Democrats that passed Obamacare last night, however, not enough attention has been devoted to the Congressional Republicans that made this possible through their evil and unconstitutional votes last night as well.

Guess what? Not one Republican voted for this legislation last night! That is the reason we are hammering our Democratic enemies this morning, instead of whining about how both parties are evil, because they're not! Our Republican brothers have fought for our freedoms! Until the cows came home last night!

All 178 Republicans voted against Obamacare last night! From Congressman Lee of New York's 26th congressional district to Congressman Cao of Louisiana's 2nd congressional district, with Congressman Young of Alaska's At-Large congressional district voting against this legislation as well.

Remember who our allies are: The 178 Republicans who opposed Obamacare in the House of Representatives, and the 41 Republicans who opposed Obamacare in the United States Senate, not to mention the millions of Republican, Democrat and Independent Americans who rejected Obamacare.

219-212. Remember that. 4 Democrats handed us socialism, now we need 300 Million Americans to hand us our Freedom back.

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Paul said...

It's a sad day for freedom and liberty. I guess I should get in line for my health care rations. Thank you nobama, we won the cold war only to succumb to communism.

Anonymous said...

We need to remember that the war has just begun. We have to keep this issue fresh on the minds of Americans all the way to November. We have to make sure that no one forgets that these fools betrayed us and the Constitution both of which they have a duty to protect.

Harrison said...

It will be a long road. Undoing is always harder than doing.

VH said...

If you rob Peter to pay Paul, you've already got half the vote. ObamaCare does just that. No reasonable person believes in such a thing as a free lunch…unless you’re a liberal.

charlyd said...

What a sad day for America, when those who know least, make the most noise. When we have such strong opinions about a law that one has never read a single line.
That we have completely lost our ability to THINK, and must listen to 30 second sound bytes from the ilk of Rush the FLUSH Limburger.

Are the Demos any better?? I think not as that have the same affliction... they think not.

A few remember a better world, but alas, even those sit on their hands, zip up their lips, and do NOTHING.

Meanwhile, countries like China, India, Korea, and Indonesia, are building their strength,and power, and one day soon, will own America, a once GREAT COUNTRY.