Thursday, March 18, 2010

If Obama is Chamberlain..........and Israel is Czechoslovakia.

Israeli-United States relations are at a boiling point. If you thought our political and diplomatic relations with Great Britain were simmering, than there is no doubt that our relations with Israel are boiling.

What obtrudes here is the sense of the Obama administration that their job is to tell Israel what to do. Granted, the U.S. role as Middle East peace-keeper goes back at least as far as the Carter administration and the Camp David treaty, but it seems to me that Israel has gotten itself into a position much like the position of Czechoslovakia in 1938, where they were counting on Britain and France to protect them. When Chamberlain sold them out at Munich, the Czechs were doomed.

We are in a similar situation with Jihadists as Chamberlain was with Nazi's, however, America is not a Nation to step down from a fight, regardless of who our President might be. Americans are more supportive of Israel than ever before in our relationship with them, and the policies of the President will not effect the will of the American people to support our allies through hardship.

Israel will never surrender, and the White House will feel the full force of our dedicated relations with Israel come November of 2012, when Netanyahu is still in power, and Obama is leaving office, once and for all.

In other words: Obama can push Israel all he wants, manufacture excuses to fast track the liberal destruction of our precious relationship, and support his true friends inside the Gaza Strip, however, the American people will never submit, and our Israeli allies will never surrender. Our Israeli allies might want to consider leaving their current alliance with America, if they're to survive attacks from their jihadist neighbors and enemies.

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