Friday, March 26, 2010

Our economic situation is not improving.

America's economic situation is not improving. Jobs are not returning, health care mandates are stunning all economic growth as I write this, government priorities are misplaced, and America could lose her Triple-A credit rating, which would devastate this Nation. Despite all of that awful news, there is one more indicator as to how our economic situation compares with the rest of the world.


If one wants to understand our economic situation, then understanding our "solid" American dollar is crucial, as we have been successful due to our "solid" American dollar when compared on a regular basis too foreign currencies, especially Canada's.

That's where our problem comes in. The Obama Administration has devalued our American dollar through a constant repetition of the printing press, allowing an embarrassing amount of foreign currencies too compete against ours, nothing from Uganda or Iraq, but from our long laughed at neighbor to our North.


1.00 Canadian Dollars is equal to 0.97 American Dollars.

Too be realistic, one Canadian dollar is equal to 97.46 American cents, meaning our "solid" dollar is worth 2.5 cents more than Canada's is. That is not good news, when our financial situation has dragged our Dollar to Canadian levels, we're in horrible shape! Worse than I ever thought we were.

Hold on folks, we're not out of this. I would suggest that all Americans keep an eye on currencies and how the American Dollar compares to the Canadian Dollar, because there is no chance of recovering until we're kicking the Canadian Dollars' ass as usual.

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