Thursday, March 25, 2010

Boehner is our Leader.

At this point of history, Conservatives are on the losing team. Not because we lost the health care battle, but because we have no leaders in a time of great political crisis. Regardless of what some on our side will say, we need a strong and defiant leader to represent us in the months and years ahead.

After the legislative battles we have witnessed over the past fourteen months in Congress, I believe John Boehner to be our legislative leader, but not in a fashion that represents or mimics Newt Gingrich, but in a fashion that represents Conservatism as a whole.

We have a unique and special chance to elect a real and genuine leader for all Conservatives this November. A Speaker Boehner would not only stand firm on Conservative principles and against liberal talking points, but he would offer America a real legislative leader who they can stand with.

Congressional approval is at an all time low, Speaker Pelosi is disliked and hated from across the ideological and political spectrum's. Our House of Representatives is broken, the peoples house is broken, much in the same fashion America is, however, 218 Republicans can change all of that in a matter of weeks and months.

I cannot speak for who our 2012 Presidential candidate should be, that would be foolish to do in March of 2010. But I can answer who will restore honor, integrity, discipline, character, and leadership to our House of Representatives in 2011, and that would be a Speaker Boehner, who we can elect too that position, if 218 Republicans are elected in November.

From a passionate speech against cap & trade, a political statement of epic proportions against the health care legislation, a Representative who has balls of literal steel, and to a humbling individual who shouted "Shame on us" in front of the entire Nation on the House floor, John Boehner is our unnamed leader, whether you like it or not.

It's about time we honor the honorable with the obvious. It's about time we declare Boehner as our political leader against the evils of liberalism, marxism and socialism. No-one else can fight like Boehner or as hard as Boehner.

What say you?

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innominatus said...

Agreed that Boehner has been doing good lately. But Mitch McConnell needs a ball transplant. He sucks.

Jim Oz said...

Rather than a few recent speeches, look at Boehner's history. Last summer, when the Tea Parties were heating up, Boehner rounded up his best buddy Congressmen and their families for a luxury European vacation, courtesy of the taxpayers. He is an Actor. His speeches now are strong because he sees his personal payoff next election. If he becomes Speaker, expect NOTHING from him other than go along/get along bidness as usual. Conservatives must do much better than him.