Saturday, March 27, 2010

Observing Earth Hour.

Between the hours of 8:30 PM and 9:30 PM, I will be observing Earth Hour in a Conservative fashion that would make Thomas Edison smile with excitement and wonderment. In short, all the lights that are never on during the Night; will be bright and shining tonight! Call it a peasants revolt, because I refuse to submit to Al Gore proposals.

For most American families Earth Hour is observed on a regular basis, because we want to save a few extra bucks, not a few extra polar bears. To be realistic, if one wants to attack someone for leaving lights on; attack the children. Being a former child, leaving the lights on when no-one is home, leaving an unused room, or just to aggravate your parents, is a normal part of life.

I don't believe the Earth is Warming.

I don't believe the Polar Bears are near extinction.

I don't believe turning off lights for one hour will make a difference.

I guess I also don't believe we landed on the Moon, that Hitler murdered 6 million Jews or that the Earth is a Sphere, that's according to the Alarmists who call people like me, "deniers". Well, I don't believe in the above mentioned items, because I know they occurred, when compared to global warming, which hasn't happened and cannot be proved.

Observe Earth Hour - Turn On All Of Your Lights!

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Harrison said...

I always found things like 'Earth Day' or whatnot to be stupid. Let's all be "nice" to the Earth for one day or one hour then, once that's done, let's just go back to whatever we were doing before. I didn't know about Earth Hour. Sounds like a good time to shed some light on the subject and turn on a few extra lights.