Saturday, March 20, 2010

Space to vote no.

Congressman Zach Space of Ohio's eighteenth congressional district has announced his official opposition to the health care legislation that will be debated and voted on tomorrow afternoon. This is good news for opponents of Obamacare, as Congressman Space supported the initial legislation in November of last year.

U.S. Rep. Zack Space, D-Dover, announced today that he will vote against the health care reform bill being considered in Congress. A vote is planned in the House on Sunday.

“I firmly believe we need health care reform, but we need to do it right,” Space told The Times-Reporter. “I have serious reservations about both the process and the substance involved in this legislation.”

Among his concerns are that the legislation places an inappropriate financial burden on the working class and that it “provides a windfall for the insurance industry” in the form of 30 million new customers.

“I think the American public has some serious misgivings about how this is being handled procedurally,” Space added.

He said many of his constituents in the 18th Congressional District have expressed disfavor with the legislation and that representatives of virtually every hospital in the district told him they oppose it. He said he will vote the view of his constituents.

“They’re who put me here and whom I’m obligated to serve.”

All 178 Republicans are opposed.
33 Democrats are officially opposed.
We need Five More No's.

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