Friday, March 26, 2010

What City Folk Think of Schoharie County

I searched on Google today and found this New York Times article from 1991 about Sloughters.

Take a look:

Along the sinuous West Middleburgh Road that makes its way through the rolling green hills lie crumbling old shacks surrounded by chickens, decaying barns, rusting farm machinery and tiny overgrown family plots. Here, families with names that have been known in these parts for more than 200 years live lives that often seem untouched by modernity. They also live with a stigma, perhaps racial in origin, that has branded them as the underclass of rural Schoharie County.

"If you are a sloughter you are not much of anything," said Joan Mongelluzzo, as she stood on the dirt section of the road that runs past her small house. "It means you are of ill repute, you drink too much and bum around. You are lazy, no good altogether. You might get your teeth knocked out if you say it to the wrong person."

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