Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Check out an exclusive article of rants, raves and tears....

...............by Me! Sounds boring, doesn't in? Well, for the average political wizkid, it is boring. But, for those that appreciate talent, Conservatism on demand and have joined an ever-decreasing number of individuals who listen to me, or at the least read what the hell I have written, happy times are here.

All 313 elected Congressional Democrats are to blame for government run health care in the United States of America, including those 34 Democrats who sided with all 178 Republicans in opposition to Obamacare on Sunday night. Some might ask how that could be, well it’s rather simple: All 313 elected members of the Democratic caucus, whether it be the House of Representatives or the United States Senate, supported the President during the 2008 election, all of them support their Democratic leadership, and all 313 of them are members of the Democrat Party, which has been pushing government run health care for decades.


That's right, the Canada Free Press has published another article written by me. This could indicate a turn in the tide for me, or that Conservative outlets of opinion and news are lowering their standards, perhaps I should become a member of the Main Stream Media if that be the case.

Either way, please enjoy the article, and please visit Jumping in Pools on a regular basis, because the opinions of the fantastic three - Me, Matt and Mike, not always in that precise order, are unavailable anywhere else in the universe.

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