Friday, March 26, 2010

2010 MLB Season predictions.

Major League Baseball will return next week, along with the associated 162 games-a-year for all 30 teams, and the World Famous - World Series. Well, being the sophisticated baseball fan that I happen to be, predictions are required, thus these are my predictions for the 2010 Major League Baseball season. Click for more on baseball odds.

National League Divisional winners:

NL East - Philadelphia Phillies.
NL Central - St. Louis Cardinals.
NL West - LA Dodgers.
NL Wildcard - Atlanta Braves.

American League Divisional winners:

AL East - New York Yankees.
AL Central - Chicago Whitesox.
AL West - LA Angels.
AL Wildcard - Seattle Mariners.

National League Divisional Series:

(1) Cardinals vs. (4) Braves - Braves win in 5.
(2) Phillies vs. (3) Dodgers - Dodgers win in 4.

American League Divisional Series:

(1) Yankees vs. (4) Mariners - Yankees win in 4.
(2) Whitesox vs. (3) Angels - Angels win in 5.

National League Championship Series:

(2) Dodgers vs. (4) Braves - Dodgers win in 5.

American League Championship Series:

(1) Yankees vs. (3) Angels - Yankees win in 6.

World Series:

(NL) Dodgers vs. (AL) Yankees - Dodgers in 7.

Also, I am predicting a National League victory in the All-Star game this July.

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