Friday, March 19, 2010

Congressman Cao to oppose health care.

When 219 Democrats and Congressman Cao (R-Louisiana's second congressional district) passed government run health care back in November, Conservatives were furious at Congressman Cao for supporting the unconstitutional and unamerican health care legislation, especially on the laughable notion that the legislation would be "protecting life".

Now in March, Conservatives might once again support the Vietnamese-American Congressman if he votes against this round of health care legislation, which he has announced his opposition to. Of which, Congressman Cantor confirmed earlier this afternoon during a Press Conference.

With Speaker Pelosi, President Obama and Congressional Democrats attempting to bribe and "deal" with undecided Democrats from across the Nation, it's refreshing to hear all 178 members of the Republican caucus vow opposition to the current health care legislation, which I consider to be evil.

I cannot speak for Conservatives from across the land or the political blogosphere, but I will resubmit my support for Congressman Cao if he resubmits his faithful opposition to Democratic attempts to overhaul health care, which he has done, according to Congressman Cantor, helping his political standing with Republicans and Conservatives. However, the final vote will determine his future.

With all 178 Republicans and close to three dozen Democrats pledging their opposition to the health care legislation being debated, I am hopeful we can stop this once and for all. However, we must keep the pressure on Congressman Cao, who carries significant weight in the upcoming vote, and who will need our weight come November.

Congressman Cao Office Contact:

Washington Phone Number - 202-225-6636
Louisiana Phone Number - 504-483-2325
Washington Fax - 202-225-1988
Louisiana Fax - 504-483-7944

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Susan @ Car Seat Bases said...

This is from Robert Costa of National Review corner as of 4:58 PM 3/19

Rep. Anh Cao (R., La.) tells National Review Online that he “hopes to reconsider” his vote on the health-care bill this weekend, should House Speaker Nancy Pelosi guarantee, “with certainty,” that she can fix its abortion language in a separate, later legislative measure. He says he will consult with “legislative experts” tonight and tomorrow to determine whether any Pelosi-abortion deal is valid.

UPDATE: From Cao's office: Rep. Cao says while he still "hopes to reconsider" he will not change from 'no' to 'yes' unless Pelosi changes the Senate language, now. He says he will still consult with legislative experts this weekend, but adds that "a wink or nod will not be enough from the Speaker . . . Hyde has to be put in."

Anonymous said...

"Congress Shows Bi-Partisan Effort to Vote No."