Saturday, March 27, 2010

VOTE: McCain or Hayworth?

VOTE in our included poll.

Arizona Republicans will be voting for their Senatorial Nominee on August 24, 2010; a date some Conservatives cannot wait for. Because it offers them a chance to kick Senator McCain once more in the political head, while offering a proud member of our coalition, a downright insult and further more, some desire that McCain receive political embarrassment to end his long career in Washington.

Most Conservative bloggers support McCain's opponent, JD Hayworth, however, some political bloggers, such as myself, support the reelection efforts of Senator McCain to his fifth and most likely, last term. Call me a Conservative In Name Only, but I support Senator McCain without question, he's the reason I'm involved in politics right now. I have a better question though: who do you support for the Nomination?

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Government Mess said...

I love Sarah dearly and I think John McCain is a great War Hero but with his stand on Amnesty for Illegals and His Cap and Trade desires I have to say NO to John's re-election bid. Hayworth is more conservative so he is the right choice.

Anonymous said...

Conservatives still need to learn a fundamental lesson. The name of the game is electing candidates. Eating our own is a recipe for failure. Supporting only candidates whose record is unblemished and far to the right may make the voter feel righteous and good but will result in selecting a candidate who cannot attract votes from the reasonable center and therefore cannot win. The other side then takes the prize. That doesn't help the cause of conservatism.

Editor said...

The Mac dawg all the way.

Editor said...

We cannot preach to be a movement that excepts all forms of Conservatives, and than throw out a lifelong Conservative! McCain would be good enough for President Reagan, thus he is good enough for me!

McCain also has Conservative stances on the Supreme Court, life, second amendment, health care, Internet regularations, the supposed fairness doctines, pork spending (hes more Conservative than most Conservatives on pork) and a slew of other issues.

Anonymous said...

I AM a registered AZ voter, and I WILL vote for Hayworth. Mccain-Feingold, Mccain-Kennedy shamnesty, gang of 14, and before that the Keating scandal. Why wouldn't we want a true conservative? When you add in that his wife and daughter have lobbied for homosexual "marriage," that seals the deal!

Andra said...

Hayworth is NOT more conservative then McCain...he is riding this one statement as his logo. McCain was just given the National Taxpayers Award for being the THIRD MOST FISCALLY CONSERVATIVE MEMBER IN SENATE! This is not the time to let McCain go. We need as many fiscally conservative members as possible and McCain has proven he is.