Thursday, March 25, 2010

Republicans Lead in CA Gov, Senate Race

Some potentially explosive news has come out of a recent PPIC poll. Since Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is retiring, the Republican Party is looking to provide a successor. In this race Meg Whitman leads former Governor Jerry Brown by three points. It's early in the game, but Jerry Brown is extremely well-known and cannot get more than 41% in a poll? Also, Brown is down two points since the last poll and Whitman is up eight.

In the Senate race Republican Tom Campbell now leads incumbent Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer by one point. Carly Fiorina, the former HP executive who has taken the GOP primary lead, trails by one.

Boxer has tekn a hit against all three of her Republican opponents. And for an incumbent of almost two decades to not reach above 50% this early in the game is a telling indicator.

I can't say if the GOP will win, but it's certainly not looking good for the Dems.

General Election Matchup: Governor (1,102 LVs, 3/9-16, MoE +/- 3%)
Whitman 44 (+8 vs. last poll, 1/12-19)
Brown 41 (-2)
Und 17 (-6)

Brown 46 (+2)
Poizner 31 (+2)
Und 23 (-4)

General Election Matchups: Senate
Campbell 44 (+3)
Boxer 43 (-2)
Und 13 (-1)

Boxer 44 (-4)
Fiorina 43 (+3)
Und 13 (+1)

Boxer 46 (-1)
DeVore 40 (+1)
Und 14 (unch)

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