Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Great Article Race

It's that time again, everybody. The last Great Article Race was written on January 21; a lot has happened since then, so without further ado:

Top Contributors of the Last Two Months

Mr. K- 176 Posts
Matthew- 81 Posts
Michael- 80 Posts
Southern Man- 5 Posts
Sirchadthepro- 2 Posts
Alezend- 1 Post
Joe C.- 0 Posts. Seriously, WTF!, he reads the blog every freaking day!

Pageviews- In the last two months, Jumping in Pools received 63,039 views.

The Top Eight Articles

1. Texas GOP Primary- Hutchison Concedes, Perry Wins, by Mr. K, with 5,800 views, or 9.2% of the views

2. RE: Megan Fox Just Isn't that Hot, by Alezend, with 2,562 views, or 4.1% of the views

3. The Definitive List of Women Who are Hotter/Better Looking than Megan Fox, by Michael, with 1,995 views, or 3.2% of the views

4. Daniel Hannan Leads 300 British Tea Partiers, by Mr. K, with 1,628 views, or 2.6% of the views

5. Congressman Cao to Oppose Health Care, by Mr. K, with 1,207 views, or 1.9% of the views

6. The Definitive List of Women Who are Hotter/Better Looking than Megan Fox #2, by Michael, with 1,126 views, or 1.8% of the views

7. Obama College Thesis: 'Constitution is Inherently Flawed', by Matthew, with 1,096 views, or 1.7% of the views

8. Obama Was an Incompetant State Senator- His Transcripts on the Floor, by Matthew, with 993 views, or 1.6% of the views

Bold= Satire

Interesting Notes-

-Alezend joins us on the top articles of the month for the first time.
-Where the hell is Joe C.?
-Instapundit featured several articles by Mr. K and Michelle Malkin featured one by Michael

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Editor said...

Gotta have more Joe C!

Editor said...

When I take a vacation...I expect the Avitabile brothers to be posting more! We're doing quite well, we need more special elections to drive traffic.