Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Republican or Conservative?

In the aftermath of Sunday's tragic health care vote, some Conservative opinionists have adopted the notion that we should drop our Republican namesake, rebrand and rename ourselves as the Conservative Party. If we lived in Europe, Israel, Australia, Britain or a majority of non-american countries, that suggestion would hold water.

However, we live in America, where two parties are supposed to serve as a counter-balance against one another, without reducing our political landscape to bitter coalitions and fractions.

Republicans represent all individuals Center-Right in our Nation, whether it be social, foreign or economic, while accepting political differences as a part of maintaining a movement of innumerable ideas and suggestions. This is the movement/party of Ronald Reagan, to abandon our past for European fractions, is to abandon Ronald Reagan himself.

Look at European governments. What does one see? Division, Coalitions, Ideological battles amongst seemingly allied movements and the destruction of coherent political and governmental operations. America is a Nation of competing ideologies. However, America is a Nation of competing parties that represent the ideological fights through greater representation and participation.

40% of Americans are Conservatives, but close to 30% of Americans are Republicans. Becoming a Conservative Party seems to make sense from a ideological sense, however, remaining a party that 52% of Americans can support during the upcoming Presidential election, just makes sense all around.

I am a Conservative Republican. Period. Republicans represent a broad base of Center-Right individuals, a strong coalition. No changes are needed, in case you haven't heard - of the 212 Representatives who voted against Obamacare, 178 of them were Republicans, 178 Republicans out of 178 Republicans.

We need not change. We're doing fine as we are.

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DonB said...

Since a lot of Republicans have deserted the principles of conservatism, kick them out of the party and the rest of us TRUE Conservatives may feel welcome.
ie, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, George Bush etc

Editor said...

Don....that would destroy us!

McCain - 81% Conservative.

Graham - 77% Conservative.

Bush - National Defense & Social Conservative, who appointed two of our greatest Supreme Court Justices

McCain is fine. Bush is fine. Graham should go, that I agree with, but he has every right to be a Republican....remember.....we are a broad base of Right-of-Center individuals.