Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Republicans could hold on to Vermont?

I have long complained about Vermont on a political basis, due to the fact that more Republicans are elected members of the Vermont House of Representatives, than in New York's legislative companion. On the bright side, Vermont has been under the guidance of a Governor Jim Douglas over the past eight years; the longest serving Republican Governor in decades.

When it was announced that Governor Douglas would not be seeking his fifth term as Governor (Vermont holds their Gubernatorial elections on a 24 month rotation) this November, I thought we would lose the seat without question, allowing Democratic rule to further spread in the North Eastern United States.

Well, I was wrong. Dead wrong.

Brian Dubie, the current Lieutenant Governor, the man who most forgot about, is seeking the Republican nomination to retain the seat in Republican hands, and despite the battle that all men face in the North Eastern United States if your registration is Republican, Dubie is slaughtering all of his Democratic opponents.

According to a just released Rasmussen Reports political poll, Dubie holds a solid lead over all five of his potential Democratic opponents come November, including the current Secretary of State, who most consider to be the strongest Democrat in the race (Dubie - 46%, strongest Democrat - 39%).

November will be a time of great political amazement for Conservatives and Republicans, as the hostile will elect Republicans, the unsure will elect Republicans, and sacred bastions of freedom will elect Republicans as well. From the beautiful mountains of Vermont to the fabulous coastal lands of Hawaii, Republicans will emerge the winners, and in the grand scheme of things; so will the American people.

Let us start with a like minded warrior from Vermont:

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Luke said...

I grew up in Essex Junction, VT where the Dubie's are from. Brian Dubie is beloved as the golden boy of the state, "a true Vermonster", as they say up there. There is no doubt that he will be Governor. He has gained the respect of all Vermonters from his life long devotion to the state. There is no democratic nominee that stands a chance against his high regard among the lifelong Vermonters. Away at college I will be sending in my ballot and I urge any other displaced voters to do the same.

Anonymous said...

Your prediction was wrong!

The person that lost the race was Mr. Dubie himself.

Gov. Shumlin campaign manager was a young Vermonter. Mr. Dubie's candidate was a young negative campaigner from Virginia. So much for "buy local" and supporting your state's economy.

I did not vote for either Shumlin or Dubie in 2002 Lt. Gov election. I voted for the 3rd-party candidate, because I was not impressed with either Dubie and Shumlin in debates.

After 8 years, I was actually impressed with Brian Dubie. I might have voted for him, if he had not adopted the Karl-Rovian campaign methods.

Yesterday, I viewed Gov. Peter Shumlin and Gov. Scott Walker on C-SPAN House hearing (Darell Issa, R-CA). It seems you have to use a little more maple syrup and a little less vinegar!