Thursday, March 18, 2010

Will I be featured on CBS as well?

President Obama was the headline of a unique and interesting segment on CBS World Report with Katie Couric last night. For two whole minutes, CBS reported on the NCAA College Basketball Tournament, and who the President predicted would win it all on April 5th.

With America in two wars, our diplomatic relations with Israel imploding, our debt skyrocketing to unprecedented levels, and with our President pushing the destruction of the single greatest health care system in the entire Universe, most would assume a topic such as the NCAA College Basketball Tournament would not be discussed during a time of national political crisis.

Most would have assumed wrong.

It appears the media fixation with President Obama, and the associated push to connect Obama with the "average man" will not end, despite it being Obama's fourteenth month in Office, and that most Americans have come to their own conclusions of Obama as a man and as a President, both of which I have a low opinion of.

Then again, as a proud member of the Conservative blogosphere who has appeared on Insta Pundit five times, has written exclusive articles for Gouverneur Times and the Canada Free Press and was once declared a "right thinker" by The Other McCain, wouldn't millions of United States citizens want to hear who I picked to win March Madness?

Nope. The same goes for President Obama, Congressman Boehner, Senator Boxer, and millions of Americans around the Nation, because folks care about the Tournament and who wins, not who other people predict will win, unless you're in an office pool, in which case you shouldn't be reading this post (look over shoulder, your boss is about to fire your ass).

What is the moral of this article? Main Stream Media: Report the actual political news from Washington and the various states, please leave the sports and March Madness brackets to the professionals - ESPN.

Also, I predict Kansas will win the NCAA College Basketball Tournament in case some Americans are interested, in which case I will vomit without question, because my opinion is that of some uneducated hick from Upstate, New York, and that means the reader is desperate, if they're listening to me.

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