Monday, March 22, 2010

The Second American Revolution.

We just entered the Second American Revolution last night, one that will consist of electoral and political battles across the United States of America, in a resounding fight to reclaim our Nation, our Freedoms and our Constitution. Last night was our political version of Bunker Hill and we're in need of a Declaration of American freedoms.

178 Republicans and 34 Democrats stood in opposition to the largest expansion of government control in American history. Well over 55% of the American public opposed this legislation, and close to 50% of Americans will continue on a path to repeal this disgusting legislation, if not more Americans will join as the months grow long.

I'm not as optimistic as William Jacobson or RS McCain, however, we are fighting a political war that rivals the American Revolution in importance and significance. Though, our Founders lost battle upon battle against our British oppressors, we won the war. We've just lost the Battle of Bunker Hill, now it is time to write a Declaration of Freedom.

John Boehner is our political version of a General George Washington, now we need a Thomas Paine and we need a Thomas Jefferson, folks that will write what needs to be written, and folks that will declare what needs to be declared. These next few months will expose who is on our side, and who is against us.

God Bless America. The political shots have been fired, now it's time to regroup, reform, reorganize and retake America, while reclaiming our political and Constitutional freedoms.

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