Tuesday, March 23, 2010

When Character Was King.

When Character Was King: A Story Of Ronald Reagan was published two months after the September Eleventh attacks. The book was a written portrait of Ronald Reagan, one of our greatest Presidents, however, it also reflected America as it was and how our Presidents were.

Ronald Reagan was birthed our poorest President since the 1800's, replacing a recurring timeline of connected, powerful, and successful Individuals from birth, with a self made man from Illinois. He wasn't a political snob born into political prominence, he was the ultimate American citizen who brought prominence into politics.

Peggy Noonan worked for years on the above mentioned book written about Ronald Reagan, her knowledge came from personal experience as a member of the Reagan Administration for years, and through the course of innumerable Interviews with former members of the Administration, friends, relatives, and Mrs.Reagan herself. Before reading the book, I believed Ronald Reagan was a great man, after reading the book; I know he was a great man.

I'm well aware of the fact that Noonan's book was published in November of 2001, but with the President we are currently living under, I believe this book should be required reading for all Conservatives, Republicans and Americans, because we need to understand how real men of honor run America with character, instead of arrogance.

We don't need a well connected Individual. We don't need a well educated Individual. We need a dedicated American who understands the detrimental economic impact that government has on the Private Sector, and we need someone who is a real American, not a well rounded American politician.

In short, we need another Ronald Reagan.

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