Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Koch Blasts Obama Anti-Israel Policy

The former Mayor of New York, Ed Koch, famously backed George W. Bush in his 2004 re-election bid. Koch said that he did not agree with Bush on one domestic issue, but that his foreign policy actions merited his support. Koch inexplicably backed Barack Obama in 2008-- he cited a personal relationship with Joe Biden.

But after months of disappointment in the new Administration, Koch is calling Obama out:

What is most disturbing about the truly harsh and inflammatory rhetoric of both Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton directed at the government of Israel, is that it is speculated President Obama himself may have ordered Biden and Clinton to make the statements they made. The Times of March 16th reported, "...the President was outraged by the announcement of 1,600 housing units in an ultra-Orthodox neighborhood in East Jerusalem during Mr. Biden's visit, administration officials said. Mr. Obama was deeply involved in the strategy and planning for Mr. Biden's visit and orchestrated the response from Mr. Biden and Mrs. Clinton after it went awry, these officials said." President Obama and his administration's overly harsh public reaction to the construction in East Jerusalem appears to have emboldened Israel's enemies and provided a cover for their extremist views. It has also created a serious crisis of confidence among the Israeli public that it can depend on this administration for its security.
Koch is exactly right. We must remember that Israel is our best friend in the region and is the most thorough and tolerant democracy of all of the nations in the Mideast. To not support them is an act of sheer incompetence/arrogance.

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