Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tim Burns for Congress.

Over the next several months, several congressional special elections will be held from across the Nation to eliminate current vacancies in the House of Representatives. Four of the Five vacancies were in Democratic control, and three of the special elections offer Republicans a substantial chance of regaining some seats and some votes.

May 18, 2010 - Pennsylvania's 12th congressional district.

This special election is being held to replace Congressman Murtha, who died last month after a operation resulted in severe complications. Both Republicans and Democrats are working hard for this seat. On the Republican side, we have a self made millionaire, Tim Burns, who is hoping to become the first Republican Representative of this district in four decades.

On the Democratic side, we have Mark Critz, a Murtha loyalist who will continue the culture of Democratic corruption if elected, providing Burns with a solid target in the months ahead. This congressional district is an Interesting one at the least, as it was the only congressional district that voted for Kerry in 2004, to support McCain in 2008.

Democrats dominate the political affiliation, but the voters of this congressional district are the same voters that supported Ronald Reagan without question during his Presidential campaigns, and with a coalition of liberals running Washington, I would suggest a campaign that mentions Ronald Reagan and his values on a regular basis.

We can win this election, polls have well over 26% of the voters undecided with two months to go, and both candidates are within four percentage points of one-another. This is the election we need to be working on, if we can win in Massachusetts and restore a Republican in the Senate seat of the liberal lion, than we can restore a Republican to this congressional district.

We. Must. Support. Tim Burns.

At the same time of the special election, both the Republican and Democratic candidate will also be running for the Republican and Democratic nomination for the November election, which will result in mass confusion, and could hurt both of the nominated candidates on May 18th.

Burns is our next Brown. We must support him without question, we can win another seat from the Democrats, and make our electoral path to 218 elected House Republicans and the Speaker John Boehner, that much easier.

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applepicker said...

Just looked at TIM BURNS site. Man it is so 2009. He is leaving campaign money on the table becaause his site does not link with a "BUTTON" to Instead, he has the old fashioned, fill in a table, go somewhere else to send money. MAY 18 will come and go and contributers will still be typing.

Who advises these guys? I'm for action.

Anonymous said...

Why would a self-made millionaire want us to send him money?

If we want to win that seat, we need to support Bill Russell!