Monday, March 29, 2010

Interview With Republican Senatorial Candidate Kim Hendren of Arkansas

Jumping in Pools is extremely pleased to bring you the 66th interview in our interview series. Today, Senatorial Candidate Kim Hendren answered questions for the site. Mr. Hendren is running in the state of Arkansas; he has taught, has been a successful business man, and graduated from the University of Arkansas. We here at JiP would like to thank Mr. Hendren for his participation:

What makes you the best candidate for Arkansas?

My age, 72, and good health (typically, my day is from 5:30am to 11pm, 7 days a week, including two or three church services every Sunday, one at a local nursing home); Experience in speaking up for those who elect me to represent them (Gravette City Council, Gravette School Board, Arkansas House of Representatives, and Arkansas Senate, twice - the first time as a conservative democrat 1979 - was a conservative democrat opponent of Bill Clinton in the democratic primary for governor in 1982 - as history shows, Bill and Hillary won!) The founders were citizen legislators - that's what I am and have always been - check the records of all eight of us - including the financial disclosures of the three of us who have served in the Arkansas Legislature. I have a minor league record in politics, business, farming, and public service!

You have a very excellent career in the working sector, you are a successful business man, you were a former teacher, and you graduated from the University of Arkansas. How would these notable qualifications help you as a United States Senator?

I have often said, "It helps to practice what you teach BEFORE you teach it to others!" I understand the impact of government on all areas of our society since I have been, and still am, active in all these areas. And I speak up as well as vote (without checking which way the wind is blowing!)

As a public servant, what has been your proudest moment?

So many, helping save the Decatur Schools, the Gravette Hospital, supporting the 13,000 acre Hobbs Estate Property, helping create the Northwest Arkansas Conservation Authority (a waste treatment plant to serve all NW Arkansas, over 500,000 people and protect our beautiful Ozarks) - but perhaps the best was being the state senator who helped create Northwest Arkansas Community College which now serves over 8,000 young people who are our future! I have attached a couple of photos.

What plans do you have to help Arkansas economically?

First, our family is creating jobs (plastics company, tool and die shop, car dealerships (being reinstated as Chevrolet dealer), radio station, and realty company! I will support a do-over of the health care bill with one that includes things I have worked on in the Arkansas Senate (tort reform, insurance competition, increasing number of doctors and nurses with additional educational facilities). I will support helping our community banks to make loans to small business people, I will support efforts that move people into productive work!

What are your feelings on the newly passed Health Care Bill? If elected, would you work to overturn it?

Yes, see the last answer.

Arkansas is one of the most beautiful states in the United States. What is your favorite aspect of Arkansas?

Yes it is! I am so blessed that my great grandfather, Captain William Hicks Hendren who was a school teacher and fought in the Civil War Battle of Pea Ridge, moved his family to Gravette, AR in 1858! I was born on the bank of Spavinaw Creek just south east of Gravette and still live only 3 miles from that starting point. The Ozarks are beautiful all year round and here in NW Arkansas we can share flavor of the hills of SW Missouri, including Branson, and the western culture of NE Oklahoma (which was Oklahoma Territory when Capt. Hendren chose to settle here). So, you see, I do like to brag!

Anything else you would like to add?

Thanks for asking! This election is VERY IMPORTANT! I pray that this US Senator is selected on the things that matter most to the common people - not insiders, big business, big labor, lobbyists, and money from outside our state of Arkansas. Your efforts in helping folks know us better is a step in that direction!

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