Monday, March 29, 2010

The ultimate blogger superhero - Michelle Malkin.

Being a Conservative blogger who makes close to $100.00 dollars on a six month cycle, at the best of times, reading fellow political bloggers who make a living off of writing political diaries, is pure inspiration. With that in mind, Michelle Malkin is the ultimate blogger superhero who should inspire all potential for-profit blogs and bloggers.

There are a slew of political bloggers that could and should be looked up to, but Ms.Malkin has the element of being a Mother, of being the most hated member of all political bloggers, without a doubt, and she has a certain talent for pissing off both Republicans and Democrats without a second to think it over, which I should also remind all Conservatives - just because you agree with Ms.Malkin, doesn't mean she will defend or like you.

Blogging is tough work, and sometimes it doesn't matter whether your material is good or not, if 500 readers are visiting your website on a regular basis, you're about 9,500 from achieving the status of a successful blogger, which leads to countless emails to Conservative bloggers begging for a link. I've done it before, and I am ashamed of myself.

Sometimes it does matter, such as in the case of Michelle Malkin, The Other McCain, Ace of Spades, Dan Riehl, Charles Johnson, and countless other political bloggers who have risen to prominence and financial success through extensive writing and linking. Some, such as Glenn Reynolds, are well known for 50 word articles.

Like I said before, blogging is tough work, which is another reason just a few Conservatives have capitalized on the Internet market to the extent that Michelle Malkin, but I also realize that most of these successful bloggers have outside income, such as teaching, writing books, writing articles, etc.

For all of those who are interested in joining the Conservative blogosphere, welcome aboard. To all of those who are interested in making a few bucks while blogging, I would suggest reading up on Michelle Malkin and her successes as a political blogger, writer, and author.

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