Monday, March 29, 2010

Mike Lupica is an Idiot

New York Daily News sports writer has delved into the political world with a particularly insulated, poorly understood article. He's done this for years, namely rebutting President Bush's speech announcing the Iraq troop surge (why a sports writer?). In any case, you can probably tell where he's heading with just the title of his article:

Tea Party activism is not about political dissent - It's about vile, storm trooper sound bites

This is no longer about political dissent. It is about storm trooper sound bites, and hate. This isn't the kind of honest debate on which our system of government has been built. It is vile, back-alley fighting, getting worse by the day, with no end in sight. People say that opposition to all Presidents, even the most unpopular white ones, sounds like this. No, it doesn't.Stick to the sports pages, Mike.

So if you have some time and extra stress in your life, you can check out the rest of the article. That being said, you might not want to waste your time.

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Harrison said...

Keith Olbermann is proof there are plenty of idiot sports writers wanting to break into political commentary.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Harrison. No lack of idiot prognosticators out there, especially on the left.

Anonymous said...

Arn just was bugged by the moronic mediocrity of Lupica's piece, and sent him the following email:Congratulations! With the above titled article you have helped sway 4-8% of those americans who read you against tea party! You have avoided saying anything to put across an idea that tea partiers could be motivated by anything other than racism, greed, stupidity and conformity, and have been allotted credit toward becoming one of Barack's Red Bombers, the elite of the media who help quell the running dogs of reaction, while helping maintain the allegiance of our progressive troops. Be assured Barry appreciates your slam at Palin; as one who appreciates Saul, you are appreciated: the opposition is to be rhetorically minimized by all non-vital assets, they are never to be accurately characterized unless they utterly concede!
Mike, you sad sack. Whaddya think y'are? One of the top dogs? When they've used you up, they'll throw you away like tissue paper. Tarring 30% of americans with a characterization of "vile" and "storm trooper." Not even a single Richard Hofstader moment, "explaining" how people of sincerity are misled. No, you are the problem, Mr. verbal stick-em-up artist, with your hands in the pockets of everyone better than you, to rob from Peter in order to rob Paul. You'd not ever speak of honest money system, would you? 'Cause who'd pay you, even if you could understand. Once, you had a soul... Too bad, so sad; I'm not glad you've been a fad cad since you were a lad: but when the piper gets paid, it'll be from your pocket, even where you weren't sure it was the devil's tune you've been marching to.

onbasejase said...

Lupica is a real jerk. His sports writing was bad enough.