Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Stupak's Executive Order.

Remember that Executive Order that President Obama agreed to sign after Obamacare became the law of the land? Well, after almost 12 hours of Obamacare being the law of the land, not one Order has been issued, however, the White House is announcing that it will be issued soon, not sure when, but soon.

Representative Stupak (Baby Killer - Michigan's 1st congressional district) voted for Obamacare because Obama promised he would sign that Executive Order into being (an Executive Order that will be thrown out when the Courts hear it), and innocent babies from around the Nation would be protected from those evil Republicans.

Guess what.......Obama isn't in a rush to issue that Executive Order, because he doesn't intend to issue that Executive Order, because that whole Executive Order business was dreamed up to provide political cover for Representative Stupak, too ease the pain of the millions of innocent lives that will be murdered due to Obamacare; the largest expansion of legalized abortion in years.

It's amazing what happens during the fog of war, whether it be political or not, as millions are deceived, millions will suffer, and supposed members of the pro-life movement, denounce a pro-life motion on the House floor, the same motion a certain member of Congress supported a few months ago.

Perhaps we'll all learn something from this.

We've learned that we cannot trust our Democratic enemies, because our enemies will never join us, except when a bribe is waiting and when a public appeal is in the works.

We. Will. Never. Again. Be. Deceived.

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Government Mess said...

I reside in Michigan, his ass is toast I assure you! Keep up the great fight my friend!

Harrison said...

He will get voted out but the damage is done.