Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Top 10 Questions I Would Love To Ask Obama

10. Are there really aliens, and if so how long have you been thier leader?

09. Do you ever get prank calls, and do you use the FBI to get back at them?

08. How many hostile America hating countries would you roughly say are not big enough to concern you and will you be giving them "Industrial Growth Grants"

07. Are you now or have you ever taken human growth hormone, and is that why your head is so big? Could you beat Arnold Schwarzeneger in an arm wrestling contest?

06. Are you know or have you ever been a robot and is your "Left Wing Nutjob Motherboard" removable?

05. What kind of cigarettes do you smoke and how soon are you due to get cancer?

04. Why are you pro-econimic growth for poor people, but anti-stripper? (They're poor too you know)

03. Knowing the amount of Harry Potter Magic that you do (having read all the books), do you plan to use Avedra Kedevra (death spell) on terrorists as a new form of execution?

02. Did you or did you not plug the hole and how is that going to affect your natural waste policies?

01. If your head is filled with enough air, will you float away, or will it pop and cover the world with liberal agendas?


Jimmy's Wang said...


大家好,我是唐仁偉的眼睛。 天天他慣用我,他卻不愛惜我,因為他認為我總是在哪裡。 其實,我不總是在哪裡。一天我不在,她不知道做什麼。除了他認為我總是在哪裡,另外她信我。天天他認為我告訴他真際。天天我笑他還有看謊。你看得到不存在哈哈。 我偏偏他。 哈哈


E_D_Casabonne said...

Hey, Jimmy Wang,

I can't read anything you posted.. Is that chinese?

jdcroft2001 said...

Number seven consists of 2 questions! Maybe you really want to ask 11 questions of the President.

E_D_Casabonne said...

Indeed.. 11 questions it is!

Michael said...

Good article, Eli