Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The American Flag - With 51 Stars.

Let's assume that Puerto Rico does become a State one of these years: what would Old Glory look like with 51 Stars, instead of the current 50 State Star Design? That's a good question, but there's an answer most Americans will not like, including myself.

Here's the first more traditional proposal:

Here's the second non-traditional proposal:

I don't know about most Americans, but if that second Flag design was ever approved as our United States Flag, I would probably burn every single one I ever came upon, because to me that wouldn't be the Flag of my County, but rather it would be a National Disgrace.

What say you?

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Harrison said...

What about DC?

Reaganite Republican said...

Might as well try a 49-er... Texas and Arizona are gonna bolt, lol

wcgreen55 said...

The second one looks too much like a peace symbol.

Mr. K said...

Harrison - It's Unconstitutional for DC to become a State, or to have State-like powers. Thankfully that's one thing that died out in Congress.

RR - Hogwash. It's against the law of the land for any State to leave the Union; once your in, your in & I would be more concerned about a North Eastern State - Vermont than either Arizona or Texas.

wcgreen55 - Agreed. That's why I absolutely hate it

Michael said...

50 is a nice, even number. Let's not change.