Thursday, July 1, 2010

Conventions do not impact the Voters.

Just read an article on Hot Air that reviewed the four cities that are being considered to host the 2012 Democratic Convention, and what impact a selection of any of those Cities might have on the Statewide electoral results come November of that year. And I must admit the entire article was a complete waste of my time.

Convention Cities do not impact the Voters of that State. Here are just a few recent examples to chew over for a few minutes:

1996 RNC - San Diego, California - GOP lost by 13%.
2000 RNC - Philly, Pennsylvania - GOP lost by 4%.
2004 RNC - New York, New York - GOP lost by 18%.
2008 RNC - St. Paul, Minnesota - GOP lost by 11%.

Republican attempts to expand our political horizons have failed for four consecutive Elections (1992 RNC was held in Texas, a safe state), while our Democratic counterparts have remained within safe quarters five consecutive Elections (1988 DNC was held in Georgia, hostile).

Republicans will be playing it safe in 2012, as the Convention will be held in warm Tampa Bay, Florida, while Democrats have to choose between Minneapolis, Cleveland, St. Louis, and Charlotte. Memo for any Democrat who considers Charlotte - attend at your risk.

It doesn't matter where the National Democrats hold their Convention - Americans just don't like or believe their shit anymore. Period.


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