Friday, July 2, 2010

Police Officer Attacked Over Dog Crap

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Okay then... An off duty police officer who was out walking his dog when two men approached his, angry over his dog going to the bathroom.  The officer, John Doll, told the men, Michael and Daniel Stauffer, that he had already picked up the waste.  The Stauffers were still angry, so Mr. Doll told them to get on the ground.

They complied, but a third man, Noah Coburn, snuck up behind the officer and attacked.  Mr. Doll was able to subdue Coburn as well.

The rest from Yahoo!:

HARRISBURG, Pa. – Three men face assault charges after they allegedly attacked an off-duty Harrisburg police officer in a dispute over dog waste. Police said brothers Matthew Stauffer, 33, and Daniel Stauffer, 31, attacked police Officer John Doll earlier this month.
Investigators said the Stauffers confronted Doll about his dog's waste, even though Doll had already bagged it. According to court documents, Doll identified himself as an off-duty officer and got both men to the ground before a third man attacked him.
Police charged the Stauffers and 25-year-old Noah Coburn with aggravated assault, conspiracy and public drunkeness. All three men are free on bail.
Phone listings for all three suspects were not available Wednesday.

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Alezend said...

They really wanted that poop.