Saturday, July 3, 2010

Joe Gallagher SUCKS

I've listened to 810 WGY my entire adult life and for the last eight years.  I've listened to some of the greatest broadcasters in history, from Paul Harvey, to Phil Hendrie, to Art Bell.  Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and Michael Savage have been moderately solid personalities through the years (although Mr. Savage, I feel, isn't as good as he used to be).  But there has always been one person that makes listening to WGY painful: Joe Gallagher.

Joe Gallagher is the worst radio personality I have heard in my life, and I've listened to Rollye James.  Even though I'm sure Mr. Gallagher is a nice guy in person, his show is just utter drivel.  It is constantly imbecilic and sophomoric, and I am certain that the only way in hell that he has any listeners is because of his time-slot. And remember, WGY fired Al Roney (who was good) and left this fool.

I'm sorry, Joe Gallagher just sucks so bad.

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Aaroncoal said...

There are several radio personalities that are drivel to me, even as a conservative. Sean Hannity is repetitive drivel. I love his politics, I think he is a great guy, I hate his show.
Savage is a hack job that should be in a mental institution and off the radio. He's basically just a hateful troll without any real substance.
I will always love Rush.. and now I LOVE Dennis Miller. Miller was almost made for radio. Don't always love his politics, but his show is outstanding.

Michael said...

Dennis Miller is great

phogan said...

I could not DISAGREE more with Jumping in Pools. I Love listening to Joe Gallagher. He brings a different schtick to the radio and it's like listening to a favorite Uncle. I listen to other talk radio shows but every once in awhile it's nice to listen to a program that doesn't have a HARD edge or try and offend you. Joe Gallagher is a BREATH of fresh air. And if Jumping in Pools doesn't like it. Well change the channel nobody is forcing you to listen. We'll just carry on without you. Joe Gallagher keep up the good work, we like listening, and I would venture to guess there are many more just like me. Patrick Hogan Troy, NY

Bill from Burgh said...

I too like Joe Gallagher. He is surely a different kind of humor, clean family family oriented. I also disagree with the comments about Michael Savage. I think he is brilliant. Rush is always on. Hannity is good but gets too repetitive.Art Murphy was a class act along with Don Weeks for WGY.

Anonymous said...

How can you say something so terrible about Joe Gallagher?!?! You are an absolutely heartless monster!

I love Joe Gallagher on WGY! He absolutely IS humorous and entertaining, and is a refreshing, light-hearted change of pace from the heavy weekly topics we hear all the time concerning war, politics, death and distruction!

Saturday and Sunday mornings are so much better because of Joe Gallagher's funny skits and yes, family-oriented jokes! We need more family-oriented jokes in this world; maybe people wouldn't be killing each other as much!