Saturday, July 3, 2010

Tomorrow is Independence Day.

Just imagine that your a Delegate to the Second Continental Congress 234 years ago. Thomas Jefferson's completed Draft was read aloud yesterday afternoon, and now you and four dozen other men are putting the finishing touches on the finest document ever to be written in World history - The Declaration of Independence.

Christmas is important from a Religious standpoint. Thanksgiving is important from a Family standpoint. However, Independence Day is like none other in our Nation, it represents a day when we threw off the chains of Monarchy and Dependence, and declared ourselves Free and Independent.

God Bless America! And please remember to read the Declaration at least once this weekend, it is not about the hot dogs and it's not about the beer: it's about Freedom and Liberty.



Michael said...

Huzzah? The 1400s called, they want their exclamations back.

Mr. K said...

I'm writing about the 1700's, and when the Declaration was read aloud for the first time to the Delegates, Citizens, and Soldiers of the Independent United States of America, "Huzzah and Hurrah" were often shouted.

Michael said...