Friday, July 9, 2010

The PCUSA should read the Bible.

The Presbyterian Church of the United States of America obviously hasn't read the Old or the New Testament in the Bible, because the Church just voted to allow homosexual's to become Clergy within the Church; a measure no true Christian denomination would ever adopt.

Whether you believe in homosexual marriage or not, one must admit that such relationships are against the teachings of the Christian Bible, and for a supposedly Christian Church to adopt such a notion, is secularist and immoral - just 47% of PCUSA delegates agree, and only 51% of PCUSA delegates stood for traditional marriage in a separate vote yesterday.

I feel sick.

Also, on another note - the PCUSA is the anti-Semite Church of the United States of America, so it doesn't surprise me that they disregard the Bible on marriage, when they disregard the people of God (Jews), and the Nation of God (Israel).

Oy Vey.

So: does it surprise anyone else that PCUSA membership continues to decline on a yearly basis?


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