Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Rand Paul Tied in KY Poll

 Don't say we didn't warn you.

If Trey Greyson was on the top of this poll, he'd likely be winning by 10% or more. However, since the primary voters in kentucky overwhelmingly chose Paul, they're looking at a tough, unnecessary slog. According to a PPP poll, which tends to lean Democratic, both Paul and his opponent, Jack Conway carry an equal amount of support.

Paul (R): 43%
Conway (D): 43%
Und/Other: 14%

 Furthermore, Paul's negatives are above 40%, which is dangerously high for a non-incumbent. In the short amount of time from the primaries to today, Paul seems to have alienated many Democrats and Republicans alike-- pushing people to come out to vote against him.

Paul is far away from the 50% he needs to sew up this race. Kentucky is a deep red state in a GOP year. Normally, a Republican candidate would be sweeping the floor, but Paul and his outlandishly dumb statements may hand a seat to the Democrats-- exactly what we don't need.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Note that the PPP poll was taken the same time as the Rasmussen poll, the results were just delayed because PPP didn't want to poll over the 4th of July weekend. Both Rasmussen and PPP showed Paul a single point less in the lead than their respective prior polls, however, Rasmussen and Survey USA both gave Paul bigger leads to begin with. It means that no matter who you look at, Paul only dropped one point after the huge media feeding frenzy.

However, I agree, the approvals need work, and he can't work on them while he is playing it safe and avoiding big media. I suspect when Conway resurfaces at Fancy Farm, so will Rand Paul.