Wednesday, July 7, 2010

San Diego Hispanics Support Arizona Law.

Ever since Arizona's anti-illegal alien law was passed several months ago, President Obama and liberal Hispanic groups have been pissing and moaning about the impossible racial profiling in the law. But, we have actually never seen what the Hispanic population as a whole, or even as a community* thinks about Arizona's new anti-illegal alien law.

Until now that is:

The US Justice Department has filed a lawsuit to block Arizona's new immigration law. Do you agree? or disagree? with the Department's decision to sue?

Overall disagree - 62%
Overall agree - 33%
White disagree - 66%
White agree - 31%
Hispanic disagree - 46%
Hispanic agree - 42%

The above mentioned poll results are out of San Diego, California, and should awaken President Barack Obama to the fact that not even a plurality of Hispanic Americans support illegal immigration, and some (you wont believe this), actually want the law enforced.

I would like to thank SurveyUSA for conducting this poll (as well as KGTV-TV out of San Diego), as I believe the above mentioned poll results will shake the political foundations across our great Nation, and perhaps change a few attitudes.

* - San Diego is 26% Hispanic.


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Benito said...

I hope that every American, regardless of where he lives, will stop and examine his conscience about this and other related incidents. This Nation was founded by men of many nations and backgrounds. It was founded on the principle that all men are created equal, and that the rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened. All of us ought to have the right to be treated as he would wish to be treated, as one would wish his children to be treated, but this is not the case.

I know the proponents of this law say that the majority approves of this law, but the majority is not always right. Would women or non-whites have the vote if we listen to the majority of the day, would the non-whites have equal rights (and equal access to churches, housing, restaurants, hotels, retail stores, schools, colleges and yes water fountains) if we listen to the majority of the day? We all know the answer, a resounding, NO!

Today we are committed to a worldwide struggle to promote and protect the rights of all who wish to be free. In a time of domestic crisis men of good will and generosity should be able to unite regardless of party or politics and do what is right, not what is just popular with the majority. Some men comprehend discrimination by never have experiencing it in their lives, but the majority will only understand after it happens to them.

andrewsjesse33 said...

Benito, no one is against a persons right to come here, just do it legally. Also our country was not suppose to be the worls police like it is today, I believe everyone has the right to be free but even in the countries we help there are people that are not free, the women in Saudia can not walk to the store by them self, if they do they get caned or stoned, people in the African nations are not all free either, it is a truth that some countries are ran by dictators.

Carmen Morales said...

Benito every American, has a right, but every American who respects our laws not illegal aliens. Like you say this country was founded by men of many nations? Yes but men who entered this country legally, we need not confuse the issue of ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, VERSUS LEGAL IMMIGRATION. I might try to understand how you feel if your only looking at race and language rather than the rule of law and think as an American and not as a Latino. I feel this way, Benito illegal aliens should have no rights and period. Illegal aliens do not come here to assimilate, learn our English language or even want to become an American, because Benito this is not the same as our past immigrants who came to this country, honored our country, loved our country,pledged allegiance to the United States and became Americans. The illegal immigrants who come through our pourous borders today come here to demand benefits that they are not entitled to, they do not honor our country, or respect our flag, because according to them this is their land and this constitutes and invasion. I as an American of Puerto Rican roots demand our laws respected no matter where you snuck from I really do not care wether you speak Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, or whatever language you speak, you snuck in through our unsecured borders "I want you out", deported no questions asked. The only thing an illegal alien needs is to be deported asap. Having anchor babies on purpose, comitting all kinds of fraud,crimes galore at the hands of illegal aliens we should not accept that kind of behavior from people who do not even belong in this country. We do have our own criminals yes, but we do not need every other countries criminal adding to what we already have. We the people of the United States are the voice of America, no matter what nationality, "we the people" not "we the illegal aliens and their supporters" that's not what the constitution says, my husband and I and my entire family of Puerto Rican ethnic background demand enforcement of our laws, , securing the borders, deportation asap, no benefits for illegal aliens whatsoever until you learn how to live in the United States...and comed in legally, this is not Mexico, and we shall do all we can to not let this country become the barrios they left behind. We welcome LEGAL immigrants, we do not and shall not support illegal entry in the United States.
Carmen and Joe Proud Americans one flag, one language, one culture, the American culture! Anyone who is offended by the American flag please leave this country. Thank You.

Daisy said...

Those that keep saying that "this Nation was founded by men of many nations and backgrounds" are just using that as an excuse. If you look at American history, you will see that no one group that came here before came with the same intent as the current people that are crossing the border. Those "men" you refer to came here to work, pay taxes, and have allegience to the flag of the United States of America. They didn't come here demanding welfare payments, free health care, scholarships, or to force everyone else to learn their language (it irks me to no end when I have to press a button to hear a message in English). They paid taxes and were proud of their new country. I am a legal Hispanic that supports Arizona's new immigration law. Why? Because my taxes keep going up and I'm tired of my taxes going towards welfare and aid for dependent children for people that breed like rabbits and don't have permission to be here (illegal, not undocumented, as people like to call themselves). Our schools are having to cut back on sports because of the increasing influx of children into our school systems that drain their resources every year, our cities and towns are laying off American citizens because our states are bankrupt, and crime in our neighborhoods is increasing because of the bad element coming across. If I go into the hospital, I end up with huge co-pays that take me years to pay off while people coming here just go to the emergency room and walk out without paying or owing a dime. You bet that makes me angry! There comes a time when you have to put an end to the handouts. We are being abused, not only by those raping us financially by getting all the free benefits, but by our very own socialist government that keeps talking about equality while giving to those that don't even have a right to be here and taking away from the rest of us that work endless hours to make ends meet. This has got to stop! Ha llegado la hora de cerrar el borde de los EU y empezar a deportarlos a todos. Si Mejico los quiere tanto que tiene que protejerlos en Arizona, entonces Mejico debe empezar a cuidarlos en Mejico para que no tengar que dejar el pais y la bandera que tanto adoran.

Anonymous said...

Benito must work for the ACLU or MALDEF since he uses the same lame talking points which are a complete STRAW MAN argument. Our country has a right to enforce our immigration laws and Arizona and any other state has a right to enforce immigration laws.

Here is a question for Benito and all the others who think like him - if Arizona is violating the Constitution and interfering with Federal law - then what exactly are Sanctuary Cities doing eh??? Sanctuary Cities are guilty of defying Federal law and essentially declaring themselves sovereign from the Federal government and employing a "patchwork" of regulations that encompass NON-ENFORCEMENT of Federal laws.

These Sanctuary Cities are the ones who should be sued by the victims and by our government. But it is now clear that our government is against the people not for the people. Our government has become the enemy and the SB1070 lawsuit by DOJ coupled with the refusal to prosecute the New Black Panthers makes it clear that a Second American Revolution is needed more than ever.

Anonymous said...

Benito should read this, wake up Benito!!! your rhetoric and your agenda we know what its all about.
Webster’s New World College Dictionary, 4th Edition, defines the word RACISM as: Belief in or doctrine asserting racial differences in character, intelligence, etc. and the superiority of one race over another or others; any program or practice of racial discrimination, segregation; feelings or actions of hatred and bigotry toward a person or persons because of their race.
Here I would like to interject that “Mexican” is not a race; it is a NATIONALITY! Just as American is not a race; Canadian is not a race; Italian is not a race, etc., etc., etc.

As you can see by the definition, the word “racisim” carries a tremendous amount of power and thus no one in their right mind would want to be labeled “a racist.”

Anonymous said...

One of the things I hate about illegal immigration is those people are making it much harder for those that remain behind waiting to come in legally.
And so many of them buy counterfeit documents which causes the owners of the original documents years to prove that they are not the ones that are carrying false documents.
When most of our ancestors came to the U.S. it was through Ellis Island where they were checked for communicable diseases and criminal backgrounds. Now both the diseased and criminals come across the border and cause havoc among the citizens.

Benito said...

“All Men are created equal”! The founders had it right, when attempting to form a perfect union and they also knew that they were not there yet but knew we one day would get there. Lincoln moved us forward as did JFK and LBJ. This Nation was founded by men of many nations and backgrounds. It was founded on the principle that all men are created equal, and that the rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened.

It is my contention that this AZ law is not constitutional and will fail when challenged (unless, of course, they keep adding more amendments), pretty funny for this so called perfect law, that many internet bloggers claim it was copied “Word for Word” from the Federal law, which I frankly do not believe, if it was then no amendments would have been made, right?, of course, keep those lies coming.

As for the undocumented workers, as was attributed to Ronald Reagan “It’s the Economy, Stupid”. When the economy is good you say let’s all celebrate “Cinco de Mayo, my brothers” but when the economy is down “it’s all your fault, you damn immigrant”. This too will pass, the real problem is the narcos, arms and people smugglers and that’s what the focus should be on.

Don’t you find it funny that no one ever voted for Brewer for Governor, she is trying to get elected on the back of undocumented workers, it’s all about politics, do not be fooled. In the last few months Busy Brewer has passed S.B. 1070, no permit conceal weapons law, the famous Birthers law, banning Ethnic studies law, (could she be behind the Mural in Prescott, Arizona) and if history is a lesson and if she can read, she should look up Arizona’s House Bill 2779 from two years ago (which failed when legally challenged) and the craziest one the boycott of Martin Luther King Day, not wanting another holiday, how crazy is that. I believe there is an undercurrent to their enactment of new laws, they real love following a distinct pattern. Poor Brewer, in an attempt to gain sympathy, in an interview she first said her father had died in Germany fighting the Nazi in World War II (which ended 1945) and we find out her father was never in Germany and died in California in 1955 (watch her play the victim card, again) and then she went to Washington and came back empty as always, poor dear.

Dogmeat said...

It is odd that there has been this big spike in right wing idiocy coming out of Arizona though. Texas has a higher background level of crazy and right now Arizona is like a supernova taking the attention. I wonder how long it will last.

Actually it isn’t that strange. Arizona has been moving gradually towards the middle over the last twenty years. The population has doubled in that time and a big part of that spike wasn’t old retirees who tended to be conservative, but a lot of younger families moving from blue states, etc. In 2008 McCain only received 53.4% of the vote here in Arizona, his sixth lowest vote total among the states he won. Now think about that, his home state was one of his least supportive states. Had McCain been from Texas, Florida, etc., he likely would have lost Arizona.

This state has a long history of very conservative, often racist politics and the supporters of those policies aren’t happy that they are consistently losing ground to moderates and liberals (simply termed as liberals in their tirades). Because of how the state legislature is set up conservatives still have a major majority in both houses but, when Napolitano was governor, she vetoed a lot of their stupidity. In fact she set the record for vetoes in the history of the state. You take her away, bring in Brewer who is a wing-nut’s wing-nut, and you see incredibly stupid legislation that was shut down by a reasonable governor make it out of the state house. At the same time you see an increase in non-conservative population as well as an increase in non-white population and the far white err, right is freaking out.