Thursday, July 8, 2010

Who are the real Racists?

I just clicked onto Michelle Malkin's Blog about an hour ago, and immediately found myself 100% disgusted; apparently Ms.Malkin receives hundreds of racist, hate filled e-mails from those on the "tolerant left" on a regular basis, and she decided to share some of her more recent favorites, which left me completely disgusted.

It's saddening really, that politics would break down from a thoughtful discussion of ideas and ideals to a vitriolic slugfest of racism and hate, but what do you expect from those on the Left? Remember that our Democratic counterparts of Old were the ones who hung innocent humans on a regular basis.......

......because of their skin color, or because they helped someone with a particular skin color.

Back to Ms.Malkin: I pray to God that she has a damn fine security team around her, and a couple of Shotguns in the house; as she's been forced to move once before due to crazy Liberal loons, and these are people who should never be trusted, especially with their background of disobedience and violence.

Which is why I'm so glad this Blog is 100 times smaller than Malkin's, because most, if not all of Blog associated e-mail that I receive is thoughtful and coherent, whether it be questioning, dissent, or praise for a particular position. I guess the higher you go - the bigger the threat you become.

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shanecomeback said...

The real racists are those who attempt to keep people down in order to maintain their npower base--leftists, in other words. Keep them on the old dependency plantation,big white daddy will take care of you. Keep victimhood alive--perpetually.Stoke grievances. Make heroes out of criminals like mumia or king Shabazz. The left will ruin a whole people in order to keep power over them.

tadcf said...

Do you actually believe that?