Monday, August 2, 2010

Candidate for Congress: Administration is "Immoral and Shameful"

Here is a guest article by Pamela Gorman's Congressional campagin site.  Ms. Gorman is running for Congress in Arizona's Third District:

Gorman Calls Administration Behavior Immoral and Shameful

PHEONIX, Arizona.  July 30, 2010.  Pamela Gorman, a candidate for Congress in Arizona’s 3rd Congressional District called the Obama administration’s response to Arizona’s new illegal immigration law “immoral and shameful” in light of U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton’s ruling which block’s Arizona from enforcing certain aspects of the law scheduled to take effect today.

“As we sit here today, people are being transported by heavily-armed criminals into Arizona.  They are held against their will and forced to work in what amounts to modern day slavery.  And what of the women and young girls who are raped?” asked Gorman.  “This administration's callous disregard for the many victims who are being forced into a life they never bargained for is immoral and shameful.”  She explained that there is a very real human cost to illegal immigration that is not being discussed, but must be addressed by this administration if they are set on refusing to enforce the law.

According to Gorman, the court case and appeal of Judge Bolton’s preliminary injunction to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals is just the beginning of this process.   Gorman believes the case will most likely continue to the Supreme Court.

“As the legal case proceeds, we must continue efforts to educate the rest of the nation about the national security threats as well as the human costs associated with the Obama  administration’s reckless disregard for Arizonans and the the rule of law," added Gorman.  “President Obama’s behavior wavers between that of a playground bully when he acts tough or petulant child when he loses.  We are neither afraid, nor impressed.”

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