Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Former Senator Ted Stevens Dies in Plane Crash; NASA Head Survives

Former Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens died early this morning after the plane he was on crashed.  Former NASA Head Sean O'Keefe was also on the plane, but reports indicate that he has survived the wreckage.

Mr. Stevens, who was 86, served in the United States Senate for six consecutive terms and left the office in 2008.

Here is more from the BBC:
The aircraft is believed to have been carrying nine people.
The National Transportation Safety Board says five people were killed and four survived, with two badly hurt. It remains unclear who the survivors are.
Defence contractor EADS confirmed that Mr O'Keefe, the current chief of EADS North America, was on the flight. His son is believed to have been travelling with him.
Mr Rose said Mr Stevens' family had been notified of his death.
The alarm was raised on Monday night after a passing plane spotted wreckage, and an Alaskan official said a military rescue team had reached the site.
Alaska National Guard spokesman Maj Guy Hayes said crews had been called to the area about 20 miles (32km) north of Dillingham at about 1900 local time on Monday (0300 GMT on Tuesday).
The National Weather Service reported there was limited visibility early on Tuesday, and officials said rescue teams had battled severe weather to get to the site.

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