Saturday, August 7, 2010

Interview with Clifton of Another Black Conservative.

I just had the honor of interviewing Clifton of the Another Black Conservative website, as we discussed a large array of issues dealing with his excellent website, politics and the Black community, among other issues. I hope everyone enjoys the Interview, and that everyone will pay a visit to the website:

This is interview 104 in our ongoing interview series.

Tim Knight - Clifton, when and why was Another Black Conservative launched on the web?

Clifton - I started Another Black Conservative back in March 2009. I, like so many others, had become frustrated over the wild direction government had taken since the later days of the Bush administration and the opening of the current one. I felt the need to vent these frustrations and thought I might find a sympathetic ear or two out in cyberspace.

Tim Knight - Clifton, what is your opinion of Barack Obama as a President, and does he bring anything to the Black community?

Clifton - My opinion of Obama is pretty much the same one I had of him from the campaign. The man is a poser of the first order. He presented himself to the American people as one thing and all the while he has been something quite different. Obama presented himself as this great pragmatic centrist when he has always been nothing more than a left wing ideologue pushing the same tired and failed socialist ideas from the 60’s.

Obama does bring something for the Black community. It is the one area where I would say the brother isn’t posing. By all accounts he does seem to be a good husband to his wife and a loving father to his children. In this regard, Obama is an excellent role model for black males to emulate and follow.

Tim Knight - Clifton, it appears one, two, perhaps even three Black Republicans will be walking the halls of Congress this Winter, should they join the Congressional Black Caucus, or form their own Caucus for Blacks who have Conservative leanings?

Clifton - It is welcome news to see the possibility of three black conservatives joining Congress this year. I would certainly hope that if they do make it, they would stay far away from the Congressional Black Caucus (unless of course their goal is to reform that group from within). As far as creating a conservative CBC, I would hope that the black conservatives would avoid that too. I say this because it really is time for American blacks to stop thinking of themselves as some sort of subset of America. We are Americans, period. There is no reason to single ourselves out every time.

Tim Knight - Clifton, has the Chairmanship of Michael Steele brought the Republican Party any closer to capturing the votes of your average, everyday Black man or woman?

Clifton - Sadly in this regard, Michael Steele has been a disappointment. Time and time again Steele steps on any message the GOP can offer blacks, by agreeing with leftwing racial narratives. Given all of Steele’s big talk in the beginning, I was hoping that he would have challenged Democrats on the issue of race. The one time he actually came close was when Harry Reid made those comments about Obama. Even then, Steele mangled it by making his comments reek of political opportunism.

Tim Knight - Clifton, what is your opinion of the Blogosphere, and can it be taken seriously in the News spectrum?

Clifton - I think the Blogosphere to be a wonderful place. It is like a giant fast moving newspaper where you can find both the latest hard news and fresh opinion. I think the Blogosphere’s greatest strength is the simple fact that it doesn’t pretend to be objective. Since readers know the slant upfront, they are now free to weigh the information they receive accordingly. Compare that to the Dinosaur Media who continue to insult our intelligence with the charade of objectivity despite being caught repeatedly with their thumbs on the scale (paging all Journolisters).

Tim Knight - Clifton, any last thoughts?

Clifton - I wish more black conservatives would stop being so afraid to speak their opinion in public. I cannot tell you how many emails I receive from black conservatives in hiding. Stop it! History has repeatedly shown that keeping silent never produces a happy ending. Yes, it can get pretty ugly when a black person does not sing the hymnal of the liberal plantation, but if you truly want to be free from that plantation, then you have to sing your own song.

We at Jumping in Pools thank Clifton for his time and this interview.


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