Monday, August 2, 2010

Obama Takes Credit for Iraq War Win

President Obama has taken responsibility for the Iraq War-- now that it's over. Now it's a great success-- after George Bush and David Petraeus and the backs of the American military won it. Glad to see that Obama stepped in after the fighting and made everything better-- after his proposals while in the Senate and on the campaign trail would have left part of the country in the stead of al Qaeda and a larger, oil-riddled chunk for Iran.

House Republican Leader John Boehner of Ohio issued a statement praising Obama "for listening to our commanders in the field" but added, "This is no time to celebrate." He warned that the stalled formation of a new government in Baghdad and a recent attack on Shiite pilgrims prove how vulnerable Iraq remains.
Obama defended his and others' opposition to the war, saying "there are patriots who supported going to war and patriots who opposed it."
Following the speech, Obama left to speak at a Democratic National Committee fund-raising event where 200 guests were expected to donate a combined $500,000 .

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Michael said...

I don't think I need to say this, but man Obama is a loser.

Tourist said...

The biggest loser is the American people who spent hundreds of billions of dollars of our children s money and four thousand lives in a war that got us absolutely nothing in return.
It was America's biggest welfare program ever: training their army, police force, rebuilding their bridges , school and hospitals, trying to get their electrical grid working. Money which could have been spent improving education, repairing infrastructure and helping the unemployed here at home.
IN addition it took our attention away from the war on terror in Afghanistan and allowed the Taliban to regroup and regain everything they had lost early on.
Plus, the war to depose Sadaam removed Iran's most feared enemy and led to the two enemies patching up their differences. Which gave Iran the resources to refocus their military budget on developing nuclear weapons instead of arming themselves against Sadaam.
And it divided the American people many of whom became disenchanted with the war in Iraq and saw it as nothing more than a continuation of a sectarian battle between two religious foes

All around.... big mistake with bad consequences for the US. AnD A thankless war for which we will be given little credit and no financial compensation from those who we went to "liberate"