Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Rubio Ahead of Crist and Meek in Florida Senate Race

In a three-way race, Republican Marco Rubio is in front of both Independent Charlie Christ and Democrat Kendrick Meek, according to a new poll examining the upcoming Florida senatorial election.  Mr. Rubio garnered 38% of likely voters, while Mr. Christ received 33%, and Mr. Meek received 21%.

This comes after Mr. Christ, the governor of Florida, lost the Republican primary to Mr. Rubio.  Despite promising he would not pursue the Senate if he lost the nomination, Christ then decided to run as an independent.

Many political pundits believed that Christ split the vote significantly in the Republican party, causing any Democratic challenger to be the favorite.  As this newest poll shows, this is not the case.  In fact, Mr. Meek is well behind both Christ and Rubio.

Only 7% of voters in the poll identified themselves as undecided.  If Christ were to receive their support, it is still plausible that he could win the general election this coming November.  Another 1% of voters said that they favored a candidate other than Rubio, Chirst, or Meek.

Interestingly, this new poll shows that, combined, Crist and Rubio garner 71% of the vote in Florida.  In 2008, in contrast, then-Democratic Senator Barack Obama won Florida narrowly with 50.9% of the vote.  Republican Senator John McCain received 48.1% of the vote.  This turnaround seems to reflect the nation-wide political environment away from Democrats and towards the G.O.P.

The race for Senate may very well come down to the wire in Florida.

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Good to hear

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