Monday, March 8, 2010

215-215 on health care?

If Congressman Massa resigns this evening, the House of Representatives will be deadlocked on health care. Just 430 Representatives will be remain in Congress, and according to the previous vote in November, and congressional rumblings since the Senate bill passed, health care will be deadlocked.

220 Representatives voted for the health care legislation in November, while 215 Representatives voted in opposition. Most would expect those numbers to remain the same, considering our political enemies have complete control of the House, however, a lot has happened since November.

Congressman Cao (R) is now opposed to the legislation.
Congressman Space (D) is now opposed to the legislation.
Congressman Wexler (D) resigned.
Congressman Murtha (D) died.
Congressman Abercrombie (D) resigned.
Congressman Deal (R) will be resigning on March 31st.
Congressman Massa (D) might be resigning tonight.

As it stands, 217 Representatives are opposed to the current health care legislation, however, when Congressman Deal does resign to run for Governor, and if Congressman Massa does resign this evening, due to pressure from the Democrat leadership, just 215 known opponents of government health care will remain.

I want Massa out of office, however, he is a bigger pain in the ass for Obama than he is for Republicans, so we need him for now, because he could be our last hope to stop this legislation once and for all, pending on what Bart Stupak and his band of pro-life Democrats do.

Could it get crazier than what it is now?

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