Saturday, March 6, 2010

Conservative Bloggers like to travel.

Look out Fox News! The Other McCain and Mr.Fedora (Pete at DeTechGuy) are planning separate travels across the Nation! Exclusive Conservative coverage, opinion and sophisticated discussion belongs to all bloggers, writers and talk show hosts, God help us all.

McCain is planning a whistle-stop tour across America's heartland, which will consist of several visits with various bloggers from Kansas to California (some suspect a Presidential run could occur, though I doubt it), while offering on-the-road coverage to thousands of devoted readers.

Pete is offering his exceptional writing skills to all publishers across America, willing to travel across America for $1,000 dollars a week, with several religious restrictions - his Catholic beliefs will not be put aside for one reason, and he does not pose with other individuals. Ever.

The blogger phenomenon of offering cash for coverage is spreading across the Conservative blogosphere, however, I would like to remind all readers of this blog - I cover all important events, whether it be domestic or foreign from Upstate, New York, allowing me to keep in contact with the blog at all times.

The new media is expanding to seemingly impossible endeavors, but there is such a thirst for original, on-the-ground reporting in America, that offers a unique perspective of political events - that I know these impossible endeavors will transform the blogosphere as we know it.

On a side note - I am planning to cover the special election in New York's 29th congressional district from Corning, New York, for at least one afternoon when the race is declared in a few weeks. Please visit the campaign website for the presumptive Republican nominee, Tom Reed, when you have the time -

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Cheat codes said...

is this proof the right-wing are cry babies that want there way only no matter who wins the debate or they will start shooting?

Cheat codes said...

What do you think of this Conservative blogger being interviewed by the great Alan Colmes?

Cheat codes said...

Lets see, You changed something that we didn't and we don't like it so we need to hurt you because WTF?