Monday, March 1, 2010

John Smoltz is a religious zealot?

It has been confirmed, Liberals believe being a man of religious faith makes you a religious zealot, especially if you base your political beliefs on religious doctrine. When it was reported that a Republican strategist suggested John Smoltz should run for Congress in Georgia's seventh district, the liberal cries of "Zealot" appeared on websites across America.

What is the basis for these illogical and inaccurate smears against John Smoltz, a former Atlanta Braves starting pitcher who has won over 200 Major League Baseball games over the course of two decades?

Smoltz is a Evangelical (Born again) Christian just like me, and 30% of the American public.

Besides the fact being an Evangelical Christian is not evil (at least, I don't think it is), illegal or threatening to American culture, when compared to other religions, what is wrong with someone that holds deep religious convictions and those convictions are crucial to their political beliefs? I can't think of one thing, considering Evangelicals care about eliminating abortion and restoring values, opinions that most Americans agree with.

I wonder if "liberals" have ever looked at the political donations or personal friendships of John Smoltz, before smearing a potential candidate for the United States House of Representatives ( Smoltz is not running, according to an article from a Atlanta based Newspaper) who is also an accomplished athlete. I have gazed upon the political record of Smoltz, and it appears our "religious zealot" is not a "religious zealot".

Smoltz donated $2,300 dollars to the Republican Presidential campaign of Governor Mitt Romney, who is a self avowed Mormon.

Smoltz is good friends with professional golfer, Tiger Woods, who happens to be a Buddhist.

Smoltz has been one of the cleanest professional baseball players during his entire career, as I have never heard one claim of racism, sexism or religious intolerance.

John Smoltz is a Conservative Republican. John Smoltz is a Evangelical Christian. John Smoltz is a Hall-Of-Fame pitcher. John Smoltz is not a "religious zealot" hellbent on the bombing of abortion clinics, forcing thousands of innocent individuals to drink the kool-aid or blowing himself up for 70 virgins.

If Smoltz is a zealot unfit for Congress, then most of our Founding Fathers should have remained on the sidelines I guess, that is according to the liberal opinion on world affairs.

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Luke said...

blah blah blah tumstort

Luke said...

wait, born again christian!?
Aren't those usually drugged out failures who use god as an excuse for everything!?

Luke said...

Silly religious failures

Experimental said...

Goes to show, the ones with the biggest mouths actually have no idea what their own religious beliefs are! I have never known a priest or minister to do such things, they are usually very open minded to other faiths.

Experimental said...

I had all that too from a member of my former church, total lunatic, I doubt that having art on your skin means you will end up in hell.

loogs31 said...

Zealot?? Way too strong of a word to describe him and most of the religious right. However, that being said, those who tie their religion with their politics are generally speaking way off base. There is a reason that there is a separation of church and state. Most of the things a government does, you know...war, anti-semitism, putting people in jail for victimless crimes, etc...goes against EVERYTHING Jesus tried to teach us. Unless, of course, you believe that his message really said for us all to be a bunch of selfish greedy a**holes who can't tolerate anyone other than white mainstream America.